If you’re interested to place ad on, ad placement is billed on monthly basis per ad space, depending on the size of your ad banner.
Sponsored Post
I can publish a sponsored post about your website, blog, start up, business OR add your website address into an existing blog post as a sponsor of the post, though your site must be related to the content of the post.

We Currently Offer Banner Ads of this Class:-
728 x 90 – [Leaderboard]
300 x 250 – [Medium Rectangle]
160 x 600 – [Skyscraper]
300 x 300 [large Rectangle]
300 x 600 [larger Rectangle]
300 x 50 [Mobile Ads Banner]
1280 x 1024 – [Site Background Takeover]
Other Forms Of Advert

We also Offer some Other Forms of Advertisement.
Text Ads – A Text Format Link Shown on our Mobile Site Pages .
Sponsored Post – Do you have any Product,  company or Render any Services you want the World to know about? You can get a Post on our Website

I will also promote you via a blog post, on twitter,  instagram and facebook

For more inquiries: visit us on Twitter :@confluenceplus1
                                                  Instagram: @amosnaija
                                                  Whatsapp: 08136212641

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